By redesigning system of values, thinking and acting, changes can occur. From working to co-working, from use to re-use, from habitation to co-habitation.

The CEL.CYCLE programme joins various research and production cycles – new value chains - around the common goal to optimise material utilisation of biomass within the whole cycle. Mastery knowledge of research institutions and competences of industry are joined to effectively cover the whole development process from basic knowledge to industrial application. Industry partners actively co-design the process from basic research and on. They supply key information on their expectations and requirements for industrialization of knowledge. That way they help to keep focus on development of new knowledge, following industry’s needs and clear demands for commercialization as well as closed materials loops principles.

Programme is a cooperation platform for top research teams mastering materials, chemical engineering, manufacturing and process technologies, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies and engineering. They are joined with teams from the industry as key experiential partners and end-users, operating in the fields of chemical, textile, paper, wood processing and automotive industry, construction, engineering and energy. Collaborating within new value chains helps us move beyond fragmentation and introverted individual activities. It strengthens capabilities of Slovenian research and production sectors to achieve Excellency on international level and to join international value chains. Therefore, in each CEL.CYCLE programme section one can find research-production partnerships intertwining to follow specific section goals but all in line with general programme objectives.

But focusing on effective utilisation of waste biomass also demands for a wider society to be involved. Local economic and social environments are key partners to engage with identification and collection of waste biomass, and are therefore an absolute necessity for effective implementation of bio-economy in Slovenia. This widely set societal consensus can be seen as another important new value chain as well.


We are determined to acquire a comprehensive insight into »discarded potential of biomass«, to research all aspects and benefits of cascading utilisation of this locally available, natural and renewable resource, left unexploited to this day. Partners, allied through research-development-production form of circular economy, plan to develop and optimise new, sustainable processes and technologies to help us dig the way through to useful biomass components. Those can prove beneficial in various production sectors – from chemical, textile, paper, timber and automotive industries, construction and energy engineering – integrated as environmentally acceptable materials and products, highly degradable and re-usable. That way we are building new value chains, we are allowing ourselves to step firmly onto green products market, we are strengthening competitiveness of Slovenian economy, firming social partnerships and, at the same time, burden environment significantly less.