Strategic research-innovation partnerships within priority area “Networks for the transition to the circular economy” gain support.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska (CCIS) joined forces with CEL.CYCLE founding partners, Institute for Chemistry and University of Maribor – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, other CEL.CYCLE partners and various involved participles to submit a tender proposal for »Support to strategic development-innovation prtnerships in priority areas for Smart specialisation«, focusing on priority area Networks for the transition to the circular economy. The aim of this public tender is to boost research-development-innovation cooperation between otherwise independent participles (industry, research organisations, other relevant participles) operating within priority areas S4 in order to systematically connect them into international value chains and form a comprehensive support environment in Slovenia. Through connecting relevant participles from both cohesion regions we can achieve critical mass needed for the research breakthrough and at the same time ensure for equal regional development. Human resources development area of this tender is complemented by public tender for establishing competence centres for HRD, while the area of internationalisation is planned to be strengthened with public tender for promotion of partnerships for efficient foreign market breakthrough, due to be published later on. Public interest for development-innovation partnerships lays in formation of innovation eco-system at the level of priority areas of S4.